Animalic Politicians

Wearing Teeorema is like wearing a super hero suit. Suddenly, the future is now. You feel like you're living in an intergalactic city, like you're driving a spaceship to work, and almost feel like you might become the next power ranger. Well, you are powerful, without flying or shooting fire from your hands. Because, actually, you are a political animal and eloquence is your best weapon.

This A/W 17 first collection is inspired by the natural aggressiveness of an animal. Like an animal, you are spontaneous, instinctive and you express your opinion and your emotions no matter what.


Photography: Sara Jesus Bento
Make-up and Hair: Cati
Styling: Bruno Reis
Creative Direction: Bruno Reis
Models: Rafaela Covas, Francisco Goulão, Sebastião Burnay and Marisa Leirião.
Special Thanks: Ajuda National Palace