The Evolution of the T-Shirt

T-shirts are democratic pieces of clothing. Worn by all social classes, all age ranges and all movements, it can be used by a teenager for skateboarding, by a business woman on a casual friday, or even by a mature man, while in the library, reading poetry.

In the History of Clothing, the T-shirt is a very recent article. Originally used by factory workers, it was worn as an undershirt. In the meantime, Marlon Brando changed History when he just wore it like a stand-alone garment in A Streetcar named Desire. It became fashionable and a carrier of advertising slogans and political messages. Everyone has one of these cotton pieces.

TEEOREMA came to elevate the status of the T-shaped item of clothing. From under to outerwear, from a common working class uniform to a state-of-the-art display of opulence, each T-shirt is meant to be a manifesto. Merging streetstyle, sportswear and luxury, one can wear it at the office, with tracksuit pants after the gym or even while lying on the couch playing Final Fantasy. It’s meant to be unique.

The TEEOREMA Men and Women are intellectuals. They are scientists, lawyers, writers, doctors. They are someone with whom one can have a good conversation about Literature, Politics or Art. They have strong convictions and they are inspirational. They taught important life lessons to some friends who believe in their enlightenment. They are what they profess. They are mature, although not conservative. They are disruptive.

They are interested in gastronomy, which can mean being over-weight. However, they are confident, taking care of themselves and their appearance.

They are travellers, interested in other cultures, in the stories of peoples and their traditions. They are curious and creative.


The T-Shirt Maker


Bruno Reis is a millennial and like every millennial, he was watching TV while he was raised. Internet became one of his best friends and has been showing him all the places he needs to know. 

When he was not watching TV or Surfing the Web, he used to spend his time secretly making clothes and hairstyles to his sister’s dolls, but also photographing that same sister, after dressing her and doing her make-up. At times, he was left at a seamstress atelier to be taken care of, which lend him the opportunity to see and experience numerous colors, fabrics and textures. This exposure to materials was also true at home where his father used to bring fabrics from his business. And even though all this exposure to such realities he never thought about having a life in the Fashion World. That was not even a possibility.

His creativity was kept nurtured with other activities. For many years he believed he was meant to be an actor. And then he decided to work has a yoga teacher.  During 12 years, he used his imagination as a tool to approach his students, teaching in palaces, in airports and creating novelty events. But, after much soul-searching, he found his true call in designing and creating fashion statements has the TEEOREMA T-Shirts.